ISAAC interest group

on Clifford and Quaternionic analysis

2011 © Aveiro/Freiberg/Milan      


The fields of Clifford and quaternionic analysis are rather recent ones dedicated to the extension of classical analysis to non-commutative structures while preserving and exploiting its underlined geometric properties. Research activities are focused on the study of functions belonging to the null-space of a Dirac or higher spin operator as well as their broad applications in PDE's, mathematical physics, signal and image processing and other areas of applied sciences. The main goal of the ISAAC Group in Clifford and Quaternionic Analysis (IGCQA) is to promote Clifford analysis and connect researchers from pure and applied mathematics as well as engineering areas working with Clifford-analytic, quaternionic as well as hypercomplex methods. To this end the interest group supports activities in all areas related to or adjacent to Clifford analysis such as gauge theories, mathematical physics, image processing, robotics, operator theory, geometric algebras, etc. within the ISAAC community.

The group will promote activities in the area, bringing together members from different backgrounds. It will also demonstrate its visibility in the ISAAC community by organizing special session(s), workshops, intensive courses, etc., about the topic of interest of the group at every ISAAC congress.